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Wed 23 / 05 / 2018



Mirri – A division of Celloglas has been a leading brand since the early 70’s, specialising in producing quality decorative materials on board, card and paper.

Mirri is distributed worldwide across a number of markets such as point of sale, packaging, publishing, multimedia, social stationary/greetings, commercial print and direct mail.

Mirri is widely recognised by brands, retailers and designers as a tool to communicate quality, innovation and brand category leadership.

Mirri is a division of Celloglas. Celloglas is the UK’s leading specialist in decorative print finishing, and offers a wide range of decorative finishes that enhance the look, feel and even smell of printed media. To find out more about Celloglas go to

Example finishes include lamination, foil blocking, screen varnishes, high speed coatings, scratch and sniff and many more.