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Fri 01 / 08 / 2014




 Yoni Alter show

Thu 17 / 07 / 2014

Glamourous PPA Awards Ticket
produced on Mirri Pak for HP Indigo material

The PPA ticket was designed by Anderson Norton Design and printed digitally onto Mirri Pak for HP Indigo, which is a metallic silver card. The ticket was printed four colour, plus white on the front on a HP Indigo Press, with a gloss lamination post print, providing the invite an extra level of gloss. 1000 tickets were produced for the event measuring 210mm by 100mm. 

Anderson Norton Design chose a deep purple colour with gold lettering made of stars and white text. Simply by printing 4 colour and white onto the Mirri, all the areas except for the white text became metallic. A map and further details were printed on the white reverse of the ticket, in 4 colour process. 

The glittering ceremony held at Grosvenor House Hotel took place on the 10th of July and was attended by over 1000 magazine industry professionals. 

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas, commented; “By using Mirri Pak for HP Indigo, this meant a glamorous shiny metallic awards ticket could be produced and turned around very quickly and efficiently. The result is stunning”. 

Grace Harrison, Events Manager at the PPA commented “We felt the Mirri ticket was really in keeping with the style of this very glamorous event”. 

Mirri Pak for HP Indigo is distributed in the UK by Premier Paper and is available in three weights 315mic/220gsm, 415mic/280gsm and 460mic/300gsm.


 Yoni Alter show

Sun 11 / 05 / 2014

Mirri is used by Grphic Artist, Yoni Alter,
for show held at Kemistry Gallery

Yoni Alter, a graphic artist, will debut his first London exhibition from the 27th March to the 3rd May, at Kemistry Gallery, which shows how he views the city through a sort of 'architectural kaleidoscope'.

The Kemistry consultancy has recently worked with Alter on the branding of The Evening Standard’s TV channel London Live, which launched on 31st March 2014.

To create the images Alter applies different reduction methods so that each building can be simplified and abstracted slightly before compositing the piece and giving everything a completely new colour.

Yoni has arranged a series of different prints, including special editions of the London Live images, screen prints, a wall decal, a window decal, a sculpture and large-format silver Mirri prints.

The opening night was well attended and the team at Mirri were able to capture some shots of the evening. 

The Mirri posters were printed by large format litho & digital printers, Victoria Litho, who are based in Middlesex on their AGFA Anapurna. The sheets of Mirri were supplied to the printer in the large format size of 1000mm x 1500mm but each artwork is printed in various sizes; with the Cab, Tube, Bus each 100x135cm, Cityscape 65x150cm and the Intersection 100x150cm.

Yoni Alter, City, runs from 27 March to 3 May at the Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3PD