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Sat 20 / 12 / 2014




 Yoni Alter show

Tue 04 / 11 / 2014

BOSS Awards use Mirri Pak for HP Indigo
to provide ticket and book of the night cover

The BOSS Industry Awards recognise and reward those in the office supplies and services industry who can demonstrate real excellence, either as individuals or through the successful performance of their business.

The BOSS Industry Awards were held on the 22nd of October at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham. The tickets for this prestigious event were digitally printed on an HP Indigo by 1st Byte in London. They were printed 4 colour process, plus white onto Mirri Pak for HP Indigo 415mic/ 280g. 

The cover for the book of the night was also printed on Mirri Pak for HP Indigo using the same style of artwork and highlighting elements of the bulbs and text in metallic silver. 

Sophie Bowyer, Marketing Support Executive, at the British Office Supplies and Services (BOSS) Federation commented “By using the Mirri silver board we could produce a glamorous cover and ticket that continued the extravagant and innovative theme of the event, but also allowed for quick and easy production. The items were printed digitally with key features of the artwork (including light bulbs and text) highlighted in silver using the metallic board.”

Jennifer Deacon, Marketing Manager, at Celloglas and Mirri, commented “The artwork almost looks foiled, but it was achieved using Mirri, they only produced 500 tickets and 500 books of the night, so by digitally printing on Mirri, this saved on the cost of foil dies and the HP Indigo also needs minimal make ready sheets when running the job, offering a cost saving over litho”. 

The tickets and book cover were printed both sides and gloss laminated after print, providing a glossy extra finish. By using Mirri, this allows for multiple metallic colours in one pass of the press, in this case silver and metallic blue.  

Mirri Pak for HP Indigo is distributed in the UK by Premier Paper and is available in three weights 315mic/220gsm, 415mic/280gsm and 460mic/300gsm.


 Yoni Alter show

Thu 23 / 10 / 2014

Mirri Launch New Environmental
Metallic Product Mirri Eco Ag

As retailers and brands strive to limit their environmental impact by using materials that are eco friendly, print buyers are looking for environmental alternatives to oil based products. To meet this demand, Mirri has developed MirriEco Ag, a fully recyclable product. 

MirriEco Ag is direct metallised high quality board. This sustainable alternative is recyclable, repulpable (PTS –method RH 21/97). 

MirriEco Ag is suitable for UV litho and conventional printing using oxidising inks, as well as a full range of post press finishes such as die cutting, embossing and cutting and creasing. 

MirriEco Ag is a repulpable, mono product that can be placed in recycling waste, the metallic layer is then dispersed during the de-inking process. 

Andy Kirby, General Manager, at Mirri commented “A bespoke material manufacture can be created to suit the purpose of the job required. We anticipate interest in FMCG, multi-media and drinks packaging, point of sale and commercial print”. 

As this product is direct metallised there is no PET film in the production process or product. This makes it recyclable without having to dispose of film, unlike in the production of transfer metalised products on the market. 

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director, at Celloglas and Mirri commented “We are delighted to be offering this new environmental Mirri product. This product is one of many innovations this year.