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Tue 06 / 10 / 2015




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Mon 20 / 04 / 2015

Hush Heath create limited edition
Balfour presentation gift set using Mirri

English wine producer Hush Heath Estate has created a limited edition presentation box housing 1 bottle of Balfour Brut Rosé 2010 and 2 Balfour Crystal Glasses. The gift set is sold at £76 and produced in the traditional Balfour brand colours of copper and green. 

Balfour Brut Rosé 2010 is produced on the Hush Heath Estate which dates back to 1503. Located in the Kent countryside, Hush Heath Estate is the only English vineyard dedicated to the creation of Rosé sparkling wine. 

The presentation box was cardboard engineered by Concept Packaging Ltd using  Mirri materials. The box design was printed onto Mirri Pak Ultra 315mic silver material, which was mounted to a 1500mic white lined Smurfit Kappa greyboard. The internal fitment holding the bottle and two glasses was printed on MirriNor. 

MirriNor is a silver laminated board that combines a high quality, metallic film from Mirri with a Smurfit Kappa  patented microflute corrugated board. MirriNor is a strong, lightweight material. A 2 sided MirriNor 800mic material was used for the presentation box. As it is metallic both sides, the board could be folded to hold the glasses and bottle and reveal a metallic effect throughout, adding to the level of presentation. The MirriNor fitment was printed both sides in Balfour branded colours. 

Hush Heath Marketing Manager Hilary Green commented, “We chose Mirri because it’s a fantastic material to communicate the premium nature of this presentation gift pack. The MirriNor fitment inside holds the wine and glasses in place securely and matches the metallic effect on the outer box perfectly, producing an overall sophisticated luxurious result”. 

The artwork was processed using Color-Logic at the repro stage, allowing for the metallic colours to be referenced and reprinted on future production runs using the Color-Logic design suite. The box was UV litho printed and varnished inline by Color-logic licensed printer Oriel, based in Hull.

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director at Celloglas and Mirri commented, “The Balfour Brut Rosé gift box combines two Mirri materials to create a stunning result.  Mirri is a popular choice for premium gift packaging across many market sectors including high end drinks, cosmetics and confectionary. This is due to it’s high quality nature and wide range of metallic options available”. 

500 copies of the limited edition presentation box were produced and are now on sale via the Hush Heath website shop


 Yoni Alter show

Wed 28 / 01 / 2015

Mirri Supplies Innovative Metallic Material
for Sette Vie Italian Liqueur cartons

The roots of Sette Vie Italian Liqueurs originate from a family of master distillers who have been perfecting their craft from the 1880's to today. As the recipes passed from father to son, the flavour profiles have been refined while adhering to the family ethos of using only the best natural ingredients of the region. Sette Vie is and always will be faithful to the rules set out by this family of Italian artisans. 

For 8 years Boutique Brands have been sourcing the finest natural ingredients from Italy for their liquids and best-in-class materials from all over the world for the bottles, labels, and corks. Recently Boutique Brands commissioned Saxon Packaging for their latest luxury cartons project.
The brief was to provide a stunning, luxury carton to protect and enhance the brand and fine materials used in the bottle design.
Saxon Packaging chose Mirri material to make the carton. By using Mirri this allowed the metallic elements of the design to be produced in a style that reflected the brands image. 
After looking at the structural needs of the Boutique Brands carton and the strength required to protect the bottle inside Mirri recommended MirriEco Ag.
The direct metalised MirriEco Ag was laminated using Korsnas Carry Coated Natural Kraft board. This created a metallic two sided strong material, with a smooth finish on both sides. This was the perfect choice for the strength required to give a premium feel to the carton whilst giving striking print results inside and out. The carton design also had an intricate window cut out, where the MirriEco Ag strength helped again.

Mike Impson, Sales Manager, from Saxon Packaging commented “MirriEco Ag with Korsnas Carry Coated Natural Kraft board is a new development at Mirri and provided us with many material benefits. It is strong and smooth both sides which offers a high standard of presentation and protects the bottle inside. The material is also recyclable which enabled us to add the Mobius Loop recycle logo on the design of the box”. 

MirriEco Ag is direct metallised high quality board. This sustainable alternative is recyclable, repulpable (PTS –method RH 21/97). MirriEco Ag is suitable for UV litho and conventional printing using oxidising inks, as well as a full range of post press finishes such as die cutting, embossing and cutting and creasing. 
Darren Howard, Business Development Manager at Mirri commented “Mirri Eco Ag is available using a variety of boards, but Korsnas Carry Coated Natural Kraft board is very well suited for high end drinks cartons, due to it’s strength, metallic finish, it’s two sided nature allowing for design on the inside and of course it’s recyclable nature”. 
MirriEco Ag is a repulpable, mono product that can be placed in recycling waste, the metallic layer is then dispersed during the de-inking process. 
David Price, Creative Director, at Boutique Brands commented “We are very pleased with the final result, 5,000 boxes in total. This new MirriEco Ag product provides a high-end finish both sides, creating a strong box and that is also recyclable”.