Fri 20 / 07 / 2018


Mirri Bespoke

Mirri Bespoke is a fully personalised service, creating a product tailored to suit project requirements. Laminating reel to reel allows for production of bespoke sizes, weights and colours.

Bespoke films
Over and above the presented range, it is possible to order a wide range of colours, effects & holographics, or even produce completely bespoke holographic patterns to match your design.

You could choose a different film each side

Bespoke materials
Laminate your chosen film onto paper, card or board, whether it’s a folding box-board or an SBS, to a weight or width that’s bespoke to you. Lamination onto PVC is also available, as long as it is flexible.

The process

The laminating reel to reel process allows for small, medium and large quantities to be run to bespoke sizes and weights.

Bespoke sizes available subject to a 200 Linear metre minimum requirement.
e.g. 1000 x 700 (285 sheets) short grain +/- 5% production tolerance

Up to 720 Mic - 500mm Min Reel Width / 1270mm Max Reel Width
Min sheet chop 400mm / Max sheet chop 2100mm

Sheet to register allows patterns to be cut with trim accuracy to +/- 0.15 of a mm

Bespoke orders are subject to available stock and raw material orders