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Mon 25 / 06 / 2018

Mirri Range


Metallic silvers, golds and colours, holographics and iridescent are just some of the effects available in the Mirri range. The stock holdings and low minimum order levels provide customers of all sizes with fantastic value. From the brightness and reflectivity of Mirri H to the sheer “How did they do that?” factor created by our holographic range. Mirri offers a solution for all projects that want to get noticed.


Mirri Silver

Mirri H continues to lead the field where brightness and high reflectivity are required.

Manufactured using an exceptionally high quality film, the brightness of the metallised surface provides a mirror finish which is enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board to which it is laminated. With the metallised surface protected by the polyester film, this construction has a high surface energy that offers an excellent key for inks and adhesives.

Available from stock in a range that spans lightweight wrap through to carton weight board, Mirri H can be manufactured to a specific size subject to certain minimums.

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Mirri Colours

Built on the success of the silver product, we are proud to offer a range of coloured finishes under the Mirri H brand. Using at its heart the same high quality film as Mirri H silver, the film is dyed during manufacture to produce vivid, deep shades that demand attention. The colour is locked inside the film, it is robust and cannot scratch or flake.

As with Mirri H, the colours range are print, fold and glue friendly. Mirri H colours are available in nine reflective shades.
Black / Blue / Copper / Gold / Green / Pink / Purple / Red / Gunmetal

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Mirri Silk

The scope of the Mirri H range has been further extended through the introduction of Mirri Silk. Using Mirri H Colours as a base, silks are created through the additional lamination of a matt OPP film that mutes the brightness and gives a silky, textured appearance to the finished sheet.

Black / Blue / Copper / Gold / Green / Pink / Purple / Red / Gunmetal / Silver

Apply a spot UV varnish to bring the gloss of Mirri H colours back and to create contrast with silk and gloss.

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Mirri Ultra

Mirri Pak Ultra is a range of bright materials designed for the high-end packaging market and graphical applications, giving market-leading brands a premium finish. Mirri Pak Ultra is an off the shelf service, and is also available as a bespoke item.

Mirri Pak Ultra has a polyester film with a print receptive coating for ease of use, laminated to a high quality white backed folding box board. The polyester surface is resistant to scuffing, receptive to inks, adhesive, foil blocking and folding and the high bulk nature of the board ensures an excellent yield. Available from stock in 5 sizes and 3 calipers, Mirri Pak Ultra is stocked in both silver and gold, with a choice of a bright or matt finish. Mirri Pak Ultra is also available with a rainbow effect.

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Mirri Bio

Recently, there has been a major increase in the interest of bio-degradable and compostable products, especially within the packaging market. In response to this we have developed Mirri Bio.

Mirri Bio is a bio-degradable metallic board. Mirri Bio combines a superior white back folding box-board with a high quality metallised film, made from cellulous products, with a print receptive coating.

Mirri Bio carries the shine of Mirri, and provides an environmental alternative to metpol. The metallic film used to make Mirri Bio is manufactured from renewable wood-pulp sourced from managed plantations.

The folding box board used to make Mirri Bio is sourced from FSC stock.

Mirri Bio is also available on 100% recycled board, subject to minimum orders.

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Mirri Pos

Mirri POS large format range opens a world of new possibilities. Building on the success of stock ranges, Mirri Pak Ultra and Mirri H are now available in large format sizes that are ideal for the POS and display market.

The POS range offers customers the flexibility to use Mirri in the large format and Point of Sale market and replicates the results previously only used in packaging.

We can create bespoke large format sheets to suit your campaign.How about a Mirri Silk or a holographic pattern?

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Mirri Duo

Mirri Duo offers a double-sided effect, with a spectacular shine both sides. Mirri Duo is available off the shelf in metallic silver and gold and can be made from a range of bespoke films to suit a campaign. Mirri Duo has a print receptive coating both sides for ease of print.

Mirri Duo can be created bespoke, how about silver one side and pink the other or a combination of metallic and holographic.

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Mirri Holographic

For a highly decorative and eye catching effect, see our range of holographic materials. Mirri Holographic consists of a range of 7 patterns, bespoke images or patterns can be produced on request.

Rainbow and Hazy Days have been joined by Pillars of Light, Neon, Blast, Sparks and Magma.
Rainbow is laminated to a high quality SBS and the rest of the range is laminated to a high quality white backed folding box-board.

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Mirri Radiance

Mirri Specials is a new range that has been created to host our most vibrant and unique products. It currently holds Mirri Sparkle and Mirri Stardust, which have glittering qualities. And Mirri Oyster White Prisma, which is a pink/yellow pearlescent finished board often likened to mother of pearl hence its name, ‘Oyster White’. These products are popular in the cosmetics industry but can be used for many applications.

Prisma "Oyster white"

Prisma film is a clear iridescent film that is laminated to solid bleached sulphate board. The finished effect is a pink/yellow pearlescent finished board often likened to mother of pearl hence its name "Oyster White". The Prisma film is also suitable for lamination onto coloured substrates to give a coloured pearlescent board.This can be produced subject to minimum order & lead-times.

Mirri "Sparkle"

Mirri Sparkle is a new product that offers customers a distinctive ‘glitter’ texture that sparkles in the light. The high quality metallic film is laminated to a premium white backed folding box-board. The surface of the film is treatable with print, as well as other print finishing options, from foil blocking to screen processes, enabling customers to create extremely attractive and unique options.

Mirri Sparkle has already received great interest from the high-end packaging and point of sale (POS) markets. The unusual film has a glitter texture, providing a tactile experience, as well as a glitter effect with a metallic luster and shimmer.

Mirri "Stardust"

Tightly packed reflective silver triangles create the sparkling effect of Mirri Stardust. This product has a smooth surface which enables users to overprint a design if required. Using print can also help to add more subtlety to the substrate, and using white ink will block out the sparkling effect completely where desired. The high quality metallic film is laminated to a premium white backed folding box board.

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Mirri Metals

Mirri Metals is a range of creative specialist materials, a popular choice across all media.
Mirri Metals are often used in the promotion of innovative, premium, market leading or creative projects.

The Mirri Metals range uses a coated film for ease of printing, laminated to a high quality white backed folding box-board.

Brushed Aluminium (Matt / Gloss)
Brushed Gold (Matt / Gloss)
Brushed Blue Steel (Matt / Gloss)
Steel Weave
Silver Ripple

Create contrast by printing opaque white in selected areas, under 4 colour process.

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Mirri Bespoke

Mirri Bespoke is a fully personalised service, creating a product tailored to suit project requirements.Laminating reel to reel allows for production of bespoke sizes, weights and colours.

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Mirri texture

As retailers and brands strive to limit their environmental impact by using materials that are eco friendly, print buyers are looking for environmental alternatives to oil based products. To meet this demand, Mirri has developed MirriEco Ag, a fully recyclable product.

MirriEco Ag is direct metallised high quality board. This sustainable alternative is recyclable, repulpable (PTS –method RH 21/97). MirriEco Ag is a repulpable, mono product that can be placed in recycling waste, the metallic layer is then dispersed during the de-inking process.

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