Mirri and Smurfit Kappa form Premium Partnership with the launch of MirriNor Specialist Board

Mirri & Smurfit Kappa form premium Partnership
with the launch of MirriNor Specialist Board


New packaging product MirriNor combines the flexibility of Smurfit Kappa Sheetfeeding’s T-Flute - microflute - with Mirri’s high quality, printable metallic film, to produce cartons capable of lifting brands into a premium sector.

The collaboration between Smurfit Kappa Norboard, the speciality and graphical division of Smurfit Kappa Sheetfeeding, and Mirri, a division of Celloglas, has produced a new range of metalised film laminated boards. Called MirriNor, the new range is based on Smurfit Kappa’s patented T-Flute microflute which is revolutionising the world of traditional packaging, and has been developed to offer a full colour print, premium quality finish with curvability and strength, whilst remaining super lightweight at 400gsm (850micron).

Developed with luxury goods and gift packs in mind, MirriNor is also applicable to a wide range of FMCG products, providing the appearance of a premium pack, with reduced packaging weight and added strength.

The board element of MirriNor is a Smurfit Kappa T- Flute, which is a high quality, FSC accredited, microflute manufactured using a patent protected process. T-flute offers designers the ability to incorporate ‘curvable’ properties into their designs so that a carton no longer has to have regular geometry. Now, a combination of carton and tube is possible, delivering a highly ‘print receptive’ surface with significantly enhanced protective qualities over traditional carton board in a much lighter weight versus calliper product.

The high quality metallic film from Mirri is certified for use with the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System, providing brand owners and product managers with the ability to differentiate their product with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Celloglas also has a decorative print finishing side that offers a wide range of branded finishes which can be used in conjunction with MirriNor, including Celloscreen, Cellofoil, Cellotouch and Cellocover. (Details are available on www.celloglas.co.uk).

The film used to make MirriNor silver is from the Mirribio range and is made from renewable wood-pulp sourced from managed plantations, MirriNor is available in both biodegradable and non-biodegradable forms.

MirriNor, like T-Flute, is machine erectable and can be printed using UV Litho or conventional litho printing process (using fully oxidising inks).

Mark Richards, Sales and Marketing Director of Smurfit Kappa explains: “The T-Flute board used to make MirriNor allows brand owners and packaging designers to performance engineer their packaging, taking cost out of the logistics chain through super-light weighting, whilst adding premium value through stunning graphic finishes. With the growth of decorative packaging outstripping all other types of packaging by a predicted 60% between 2002 and 2012, MirriNor is another example of Smurfit Kappa innovation helping brand owners sell more”.

Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director of Celloglas, commented: “By combining our Mirri Bio film with Smurfit Kappa’s T-Flute we have created a new packaging product that is not only innovative and flexible, but, working in association with Color-Logic prepress software, MirriNor also produces amazing shades of metallic colours”.

For more information about MirriNor call Matt Swift on: 07789753359 or email him directly on: matt.swift@celloglas.co.uk

The MirriNor website is under construction, to view the holding page go to www.mirrinor.co.uk

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