Mirri Wow Pack - The New Luxury Packaging Box from Mirri

Mirri Wow Pack - The New Luxury Packaging Box from Mirri

At Mirri, we always aim to innovate and excite with new products and ideas. Our latest product is our Mirri Wow Box, which sees your everyday packaging boxes lined with our metallic board, complementing the product that sits inside.

Using our new board-to-board laminator, we can create bespoke boxes to your requirements, all lined with our glistening Mirri. We can supply the outer board, or you can supply this from your own stocks – it’s a very flexible offering. You can then choose any of our products to line your box with, from our colourful range of Mirri H to our dazzling Mirri Sparkle. The idea is that when your customer opens what appears to be a plain box, they are taken aback by the luxurious inside! This new product is perfect for e-commerce packaging and gifts and especially ideal for the luxury sector.

By choosing to line your box with Mirri, you will add value to your product as well as added protection of the product inside due to the qualities of the metpol. This will ensure that the product is delivered to your customer in an excellent condition. Should your customer wish to return an item, you will know that the product will be returned in a condition suitable for re-sale, ensuring you don’t lose out on money from returns that have been damaged during transition. The box also features a tear-off section which reveals an adhesive strip, allowing the customer to easily re-package their returns.

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