New Mirri Material Product Swatch Matches Product Guide Design

New Mirri Material Product Swatch
Matches Product Guide Design

Mirri have designed a new Mirri Product Swatch containing the full range including recent additions Mirri Pastels, Mirri Bio and Mirri Texture.

The swatch has a simplistic design, matching that of the Mirri product guide. The material swatch has a digitally printed cover using a HP Indigo Press, using white inks.

The cover is printed on a Mirri Pac material and pre-treated with a Sapphire coating and then gloss laminated over the print. Inside the full range has been perforated into three sections, allowing useful tear-offs for creative meetings and client samples. The Mirri materials have a de-boss label on each section. Some materials from the Holographic and Metals range are labelled with a black or dark blue foil, providing a clearer label over the more elaborate patterns. The Mirri Product Swatch is wiro-bound and categorised using a clear plastic sheet, which is labelled indicating each range.

Mirri Graffiti insert