Stunning Mirri ‘Golden Ticket’ produced for 1 year anniversary event 2012

Stunning Mirri 'Golden Ticket'
produced for 1 year anniversary event 2012

Blinder, a fresh new company in creative and flexible golf bunker lining solutions, celebrated their 1st birthday on the 24th January at Alberts Bar in Harrogate.

The directors of the company wanted to make sure the event was unforgettable and were in need of a fun and eye-catching invitation to go out to customers that provided a unique feel to match the company’s ideas. The team at Blinder came up with the idea of having a ‘Golden Ticket’ invitation.

Penny Long, one of the Directors of Blinder, knew that the impact of the ticket was critical and so with the help and guidance from Mirri – a division of Celloglas, a golden Mirri material was identified and a short run of 80 digitally printed tickets were produced with impressive results.

Andy Kirby, Operations Manager at Mirri, said “Working closely with Image Evolution, we managed to use a production method that produced a fantastic result with minimal material waste. We started with a Mirriduo card in a luxurious gold colour that was pre-coated for HP Indigo printing and then Image Evolution digitally printed black text and design to create the overall golden ticket look.”

The finished result was a unique glossy golden ticket invitation which gave the impression of an extra-special event. The tickets were packaged along with a bar of the company’s unique bunker lining product and a lead card.

Gary Mitchell, Sales Director of Image Evolution, said “We are extremely excited about having the ability to produce high-quality short-run invitations on a premium material such as Mirri. We can also personalize invitations with images as well as text – or both.”

Murry Long, another of the Directors of Blinder, said “We received great feedback from client’s who received their Golden Ticket and everyone enjoyed a wonderful night of celebration with clients and industry professionals”.

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