WIRED magazine uses Mirri to enhance Tron movie cover for stand out at retail

Wired magazine uses Mirri to enhance
Tron movie cover for stand out at retail


WIRED magazine is the market-leading magazine examining how ideas and technology is changing the world - a highly influential and visionary title that explores innovation, culture, politics and business. The January 2011 issue, available on newsstand now, has an eye-catching metallic cover, made possible through the use of Mirri silver material.

The cover features the new
action sci-fi film Tron, a digital remake of the 1982 original. The WIRED cover was printed by St Ives on a UV litho press with 4 colour, plus selective white and a UV varnish.

Richard Gillgrass Managing Director of Celloglas comments “The graphics for the film Tron have a metallic blue focus and the film characters clothing have reflective stripes. We discussed the best route to achieve this effect with Condé Nast’ and suggested our Mirri material.”

Xenia Antoni, Condé Nast’s Commercial Production Manager adds “We worked closely with Celloglas and St Ives to ensure that the use of the Mirri board enhanced the image for the WIRED cover. Our Production Manager, Jo Packham, briefed the repro house Altaimage Ltd, who worked hard to come up with a number of versions for the Art Director, which we trialled at St Ives Clays and Celloglas, prior to printing the final cover image

Xenia Antoni added “
We think the Tron cover is truly stunning and will take pride of place as one of our best covers yet

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